Manufacturing Productivity

We design and deliver hight-integrity process automation solution to help customer improve their productivity

Who We Are

Cogent Automation is created to provide best in class factory automation to its customers to meet their specific needs

What We Do

With decades of experience across sectors and continents, we’ve built up an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding automated systems, these are our core services

Our Services and Products

Automation Consultancy

Cogent automation is a true specification developer within the automation industry. We take on a consulting and engineering role for our clients and assume sole source of responsibility for the performance of the system it designs.

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

All aspects of electrical and instrument engineering for a wide cross section of industrial projects and users

Dry Leak Testing

Leak testing solutions using Innomatec and Cincinnati test systems

Functional Safety & Machinery Safety Engineering

Functional and machinery safety compliance with IEC 61508, IEC 61511, EN ISO 12100, IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1

Project and Supplier Management

Bid Package Development, Tender Analysis, Procurement, Subcontractor Management

Post Commissioning Support & Hardware Distribution

Training, Breakdown Support, Maintenance

Creditable Integrity

Value talent cultivation and encourage creative innovation

Effective Team Work

Pursue organizational solidity and press on effective team-work

Quality Assurance

Ensure first and best of product quality and service

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a dependable and consistent automation solution provider to our Customers. The solution we provide will be relevant and focused on enhancing customer productivity.


Mission Statement

To Create a company that is passionate and resilient in innovating methods and machines in order to improve productivity for its customers while earnest in ensuring that its own people and processes are productive and knowledgeable.

Industry In Action

Quality Policy

The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all employees in the company, with overall responsibility residing with the company’s leadership team. It is required that all employees recognize and accept our quality policy and accept accountability for their own output.


Customer focus

We are committed to understanding our current and future customers’ needs, meeting their requirements, and striving to exceed their expectations.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to achieving continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system, as well as each aspect of business operations.


We are committed to using processes and systems for executing our operational and business process as effectively and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, we are committed to making fact-based decisions.


We are committed to creating and maintaining a working environment in which people become fully involved in achieving our objectives. We recognize that people are the essence of any good business and that their full engagement enables their abilities to be used for our benefit.


We are committed to using collaboration and teamwork to continuously improve our business, engage and develop our people, and achieve our objectives.

Relationship Management

We are committed to maintaining relationships with appropriate external and interested parties to ensure optimum business performance and meet our business, social, regulatory, and legislative responsibilities.

Our Customer