The projects that we have executed for customers are mostly very specific in nature and more details are not disclosed to protect interest of each customer.

 When we submit proposals , we keep two things in mind, improving productivity and reducing resources. We also consider the budget allocation from customer  while choosing technologies to execute the given task. We have provided some close up shots of mechanisms without mentioning the project or application to show case some examples here. Actual machines are bigger and complex in nature.

We can employ any brand of instrumentation that is convinient to the customer's maintenance team and exisiting inventory.



Resistance Welding is a special process, that is done to join two or more metal parts. Like any special processes, the end result is achievable, only by ensuring the right parameters are set and its effectiveness on the process during execution is as intended. We have successfully developed automation of Resistance welding with consistent weld strength achieved across multiple material and cross section.


When the previous process has more output than subsequent process, we need to deploy more people to balance the output. Other option is to increase output in the subsequent operation. We engauge in providing solutions that reduce resource and increase output, thus providing customer double fold benifit.





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