We indulge in projects that bring considerable productivity improvement in our customers' processes. 

Special Purpose Machines 

Designing machines to do tasks that are special is our forte. Where there are processes and part topologies that demand special fixturing and integration, we can take it up as our regular process, which otherwise is termed as a challenge. Understanding the product specification and variation in input parts are first step towards mapping a concept. Excellent resources with international and local exposure put their mind to one space to churn out a concept. We practice multiple sitting of stipulated time period to arrive at a concept and later evolve a line sketch to communicate the concept to customer.

The concept would define the approach to changed process. Customer involvement from all levels are critical at this stage to keep the cost as originally planned. After making a machine, it is for sure, more expensive to modify. Keeping this in mind Customer issues a specification, which also would include other requirement like colour scheme and choices of instruments to be used.

We are equiped and otherwise open to get equipped to use any brand and instruments that the customer is comfortable with. A special purpose machine is good only as long as  it is maintained.

Once concept is approved, and specification is finally released, the cost proposal is made. The cost is a function of the specification and the uncertainities involved. When pay back becomes a challenge there is a way to modify the specification and still reach the solution.