MES is a technology. It enables plant management to access processed shop floor data in the form of meaningful information, automatically in real time. This allow the managers to take right decisions at the right time. Selected information can be made available to different level of access control.Decentralizing decision making based on set rules and certain amount of freedom can be implemented. The technology can be shaped to provide information that alow managers to predict certain events and be prepared to prevent it or to celebrate it.

MES is not about telling a customer, that he need to change things everywhere to get benifits. Its about telling the customer what's going on in the process and allowing him to decide what changes to make or what changes not to make. MES snaps on to your process. If it is an automatic process, MES pick up data from a drop table, if it is a manual process, MES provide a scanner or a terminal for the daya to be captured. In short MES is about automating shop floor data flow and making it available as meaningful information all the time.

At Cogent we study the aspirant customer's processes and help him to assess "pay back" of implementing MES. Once customer make up their mind we can see through the following activities.

  1. Consultancy
  2. User Requirement Specification
  3. Help to select the apt platform for MES
  4. Design of system Architecture
  5. Software coding for customization
  6. Selection of Hardware and Instrumentation
  7. Implementation
  8. Testing
  9. Training
  10. Handhold the customer for a year.